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Interviews, Presentations, and More From Dave

In the past, I've been interviewed or spoken about a variety of topics including technology, digital media, and financial markets. I've included my favorites below!



Private Equity Profits

I was recently interviewed on the Private Equity Profit podcast and shared lessons I learned from my 30-year career on Wall Street and Silicon Valley. I shared how:
- Cognitive bias and learning what makes people tick helped me win the corporate game
- I consider the Greater Fool Theory and my Personal Cost of Capital when first making investments
- Cleaning bathrooms for $3.35/hour taught me the IKEA effect and how it can help preserve generational wealth

Q&A With Tau Beta Pi

Enjoyed doing an interactive Q&A with @TauBetaPiOfficial, the national engineering honor society, where I'm a member and serve on the Trust Advisory Committee. Some of the stories I shared included:

- The best way to lobby for more compensation
- What I learned from my 3 Harvard Business School classmates getting indicted
- What I did when I was assaulted by another Managing Director

Color of Success

Shared my work-life philosophy with Dr. Stephanie J. Wong. Aside from giving career advice, I touch upon:

- Why mental health isn't exposed on Wall Street
- Secret to a great marriage
- And other career tidbits

Coalition of Asian and Pacific Islander Employees of Santa Monica (CAPE SM)

Spoke to the Coalition of Asian and Pacific Islander Employees of Santa Monica where I shared my thoughts on a wide range of career topics related to the #BambooCeiling. Some questions I answered included:

- How to lobby for #Compensation?
- How to use the #ModelMinorityMyth to your advantage?
- Advice for #AAPI women given some men are pigs!?

Thrive Global

Shared my writing tips and tricks with Jessi Beyer on @Thrive Global. Remember every big problem is just a bunch of small ones!

Smile Train

I have rarely (if ever) spoken publicly about my cleft but I'm happy to do it if it can help even one kid out there. Here's an interview I gave to @BEONDTV.

Bamboo Ceiling

This is an interview I gave to ABC News regarding how Asian American leaders find the bamboo ceiling tough to crack for promotions.  You can read the article here.

Internet of Things - Big Data

I moderated a panel on confluence of Internet of Things and Big Data and the implications for future products and services.

Internet of Things - The Next Wave

I moderated a panel on the next major wave: the Internet of Things. My panelists include a scientist, Y Combinator graduate, and C-level executive operating IoT companies.

Mobile Disruption

I participated in a panel discussing the next major waves of mobile disruption. My panelists included executives from the advertising, internet media, and publishing industries.


I participated in a panel discussing the future of investing with a particular emphasis on the global landscape and the differences across continents.

Where's the Money

I participated in a panel moderated by Henry Blodget where we discussed the future of money and fundraising such as IPOs.

Direct Access

I moderated a panel to discuss the shared economy and crowd businesses that dis-intermediate the middle men.

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